A guarantee of satisfaction

More than 25 years of experience with more than 10,000 mills shipped to around twenty countries

Unparalleled service

In addition to designing our products, we can provide the majority of components and several complementary accessories within a very short time frame. This is a quality highly appreciated by our customers. Sawmills that are making progress Year after year, we receive requests around the world for our products. Our reputation is growing and we are very proud of it. Scierie Mobile Gilbert serves customers in Canada, the United States and France, but also in several other countries around the world. The passion for wood and the forest drives us all. Keep talking about us and giving us your valuable feedback.


We are aware of the potential danger posed by a sawmill. Gilbert mobile sawmills have several safety mechanisms that prevent irreparable damage. You can therefore work without fear and in complete safety.


Our sawmills are built from the best components and materials on the market. We never sacrifice quality to lower our prices, because we know very well that less quality means less reliability. Engineering and creativity are our favorite tools. Thanks to them, we can offer the best quality products at an affordable cost. Each sawmill model is tested for dozens of hours in the forest to highlight areas that can be improved. No detail is overlooked and no compromise is accepted. A Gilbert mobile sawmill will always give you excellent performance without ever letting you down.


When we develop a product, we ensure that it exceeds the standards of what is available on the market. We believe it is always possible to do better, to do more. This allows us to push the limits of our sawmills and maintain our leadership position in mobile wood cutting equipment. For our customers, this means a better return on investment and greater satisfaction.

Why choose us ?

We have always developed high-performance tools that make sawing and handling logs easier. Our passion drives us to constantly improve our products and develop new ones. We invest a large part of our revenues in research, development and improvement of our products. We are listening to your recommendations which, so far, have proven to be very useful. Like you, we love woods and forests. All over the world, passionate and determined people use our sawmills and have fun doing it. They know that our products are built to offer maximum autonomy, safety, reliability and performance. In short, satisfaction.
It is possible to make an appointment with a specialist for training in the use of a Gilbert mobile sawmill or for training in sharpening your blades.