TOLL FREE  1.888.871.2248
      TOLL FREE  1.888.871.2248

    SMG CHAMPION, 20 years of experience, more than 3,500 mills in around 20 countries

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    We have always developed performing tools that facilitate the cutting and manipulation of wood logs.
    Our passion drives us to constantly improve our products and develop new ones.
    We invest a large portion of our benefits in research and development.
    We are attuned to your recommendations that, up to now, were revealed to be very useful.  

    Like you, we love wood and forest. All around the world, passionate and determined people use sawmills and take pleasure doing so.
    They know that our products are manufactured to offer a maximum of autonomy, security, reliability and performance: in short, satisfaction.


    We are well aware of the potential danger that lies behind the use of sawmills.
    The Gilbert mobile sawmills possess many security features that prevent the irreparable.
    You can therefore work without worrying and in security.   


Gilbert sawmills are manufactured from the best components and materials available on the market.
    We never sacrifice the quality to lower our prices because we are well aware that less quality equals less reliability.

    Engineering and creativity are our preferred tools that allow us to offer products of the best quality at an affordable cost.
    Each sawmill model is tested in forest during ten hours or so to let the points that can be improved show up.
    No detail is overlooked and no compromise is tolerated.  

    A Gilbert portable sawmill will always give you an excellent output without ever letting you down.


    When we develop a product, we make sure it surpasses the standards that what is made on the market.
    We believe that it is always possible to do better, to do more.
    This allows us to push away the limits of Gilbert sawmills and to keep our place as leader in portable equipment for wood cutting.
    For our clients, this means a best return on their investment and a better satisfaction.

    An unequalled service

    In addition to the conception of our products, we can supply the majority of the components and many complementary accessories on a very short notice.
    This quality is very much appreciated by our clients.

    Sawmills that become more and more popular

    Year after year, we receive requests for our products throughout the world.
    Our reputation makes it so and we are very proud of it.
    SMG Champion services clients in Canada, United States, France, and also in many other countries across the world.
    The passion for wood and forest is a driving force for all of us.
    Keep on talking about us and feeding us with your comments on our products; they are so important to us.



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