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Stopper for a perfect 90o cut

Engine with adjustable air intake

Strong and precise blade guides

Efficient cleaning of the blade

Efficient log dog

               Each of our portable sawmills are equipped with protective features that guaranty unequalled security.
Finger and blade guards, lifting hook, front and rear carriage stoppers and more.
This components come from past experience and hand on operation.
In fact we take great pride in putting to the test every Gilbert portable sawmill.
We believe that the best portable sawmill must include both performance and security.





Point de forme


Engine  :


  • Thermal Kohler 9,5 hp, gas
      Imperial Metric
Point de forme Frame material (angle iron) : 2 in x 3 in x 1/4 in x 20 ft  50 mm x 76,2 mm x 6,25 mm x 6,1 m
Point de forme Weight (carriage and frame) :   500  lb. 227  kg
Point de forme Dimension of the sawmill : Length : 20  ft 6,1  m
    Width : 64  in  1625  mm
    Height : 42  in  1067  mm
Point de forme Dimension of the bandwheel :   18  in  457  mm
Point de forme Blade :  Type :   MP Blade (American) or RF Blade (Swedish) 
   Dimension : 142  in  3.6  m
Point de forme Logs maximum diameter :Capacities : 24  in 610  mm
   Logs minimum length : 6  ft 1.83  m
   Logs maximum length : 16  ft 4,88  m
   Planks maximum width : 18  in 457  mm
   Possible daily outcome : 1500  pmp 3,5  m3
   Gas tank : 2,2  gal 10  l
   Cutting fluid tank : 2,2  gal 10  l
Point de forme Recoil starter :     Very easy  
Point de forme 3 amperes alternator :     More than needed  
Point de forme Automatic driven blade : Centrifugal engaging (clutch)  
Point de forme Locking of the cutting head : Manual with double braking points  
Point de forme Manual adjustment of the blade tension : Straight and precise cut  
Point de forme Manual moving of the carriage on ball-bearings : Simple and easy  
Point de forme Log dog (Combined use with one hand only) : Secure and efficient  
Point de forme Warranty :

3 years on engine – pieces and labour

2 years for the sawmill except for blades, straps, ball-bearings and engaging (clutch)



Point de forme



Strong   Carriage and frame welded in one piece 
Light   Easy to move  
Very easy to handle   The carriage can be moved on a concrete floor   
    Easily by one person  
Easy to store   The frame can be placed sideways along the wall   
Easy to make profitable   Production versus investment  
Ideal in remote area   Outfitter and construction in remote areas 
  an be towed by a small vehicle ATV, snowmobile, car  
  Use   Personal for light work      



Point de forme


30 in. cant hook

Log hooks