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Extra-large frame

Controls placed for

maximum clearance

Reinforce chassis Efficient log dog

Heavy-duty SMG


               Each of our portable sawmills are equipped with protective features that guaranty unequalled security.
Finger and blade guards, lifting hook, front and rear carriage stoppers and more.
This components come from past experience and hand on operation.
In fact we take great pride in putting to the test every Gilbert portable sawmill.
We believe that the best portable sawmill must include both performance and security.






Point de forme



Engine  :


  • Thermal Kohler 29 Hp EFI gas
  • Electric 10 et 15 Hp ( Option )


      Imperial Metric
Point de forme Frame material (tube) :  6 in x 2 in x 3/16 in x 21 ft 150 mm x 50 mm x 4,69 mm x 6,4 m
     Option : 6 in x 2 in x 3/16 in x 24 ft 150 mm x 50 mm x 4,69 mm x 7,3 m
Point de forme Weight (carriage and frame) :  1280  lb 580  kg
Point de forme Dimension of the sawmill : Length : 21  ft 6,4  m
    Width : 81  in   2,06  m
    Height : 61  in 1,55  m
Point de forme Dimension of the bandwheel :   20  in 508  mm
Point de forme Blade :  Type :   MP Blade (American) or RF Blade (Swedish) 
   Dimension : 170  in 4,31  m
Point de forme Logs maximum diameter :Capacities : 40  in 1016  mm
   Logs minimum length : 4  ft 1220  mm
  Logs maximum length : 17  ft 5,18  m
   Planks maximum width : 28  in 711,2  mm
   Possible daily output : 5000  pmp 11,66  m3
  Gas tank : 2,6  gal 12  l
   Cutting fluid tank : 4,4  gal 20  l
Point de forme Electric starter :     Effortless ignition
Point de forme 15 amperes alternator :     Ideal to add accessories
Point de forme RPM and hour meter     Maintenance program of the engine
Very reliable RPM and hour meter
Point de forme Automatic driven blade : ''Heavy Duty'' SMG engaging (clutch)
Point de forme Locking of the cutting head : Manual with double braking point, unique to SMG
Point de forme Hydraulic adjustment of the blade tension : Constant straight and precise cut
Point de forme Manual moving of the carriage on ball-bearings : Simple, very fast and easy
Point de forme 2 log dogs (Combined used with one hand) : Automatic locking with one hand, efficient and very quick
Point de forme Stainless steel cover for basic cross bar :
Ease the manipulation of the log
Point de forme Warranty : 3 years on engine– pieces and labour
2 years on the sawmill except for the blades, straps, ball-bearings and engaging (clutch)


Point de forme



Commercial intensive and industrial
    For large logs
Robust   Ultra robust with several reanforcements
    3/16" - 4.69 mm thick frame
Tank   Large water tank
Ergonomics   Regrouped controls
EFI Engine   Much easier to use
    No choke control
    No adjustment  
    40% more economic than a traditional engine  
    Efficient for all seasons  
    Oil filter of great capacity for intensive use  
    External oil cooler for intensive use  
    Autoclean cyclo air filter insures 100% clean air intake  



Point de forme


7 Foot extension

Sharpening kit